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Beatrice Dunne-Barimen, Duchess of Amber

Coat of Arms: None known

Occupation: Writer, Trump Artist, and mage


Parentage: Brand of Amber and Moira Dunne of Ireland

Titles: Duchess of Amber

Siblings: NoneApparent Age: 20sKnown Relationships: Beatrice was the lover of Corwin's son Morgan, and friendly with Bleys's daughter Artemis. In Ireland, she has one close friend, Liam, and many friendly acquaintances - the same could be said of her relationships in Amber, perhaps. It's well-known that Beatrice hates her father, dead or not, and she rarely speaks of him. Her relations with her aunts and uncles are cordial, but she isn't very close to any of them.

Trump Description: Beatrice's Trump is painted in a soft, Impressionistic style - her own style, for those who have seen her art before. She sits in a pale chair, leaning against the arm and staring directly at the viewer. Her shirt is dark, although those who know her know that she prefers the brigher colors: blues, greens, golds... but never too much green. Her eyes are bright green, her hair brilliantly red, and she smiles just slightly, looking somehow both welcoming and shy, bold and withdrawn. Beatrice's Trump image

General Personality: Beatrice is a genuinely friendly and sweet personality. She does have her dark moments, which are more shy and retiring than anything truly unpleasant. The worst that can be said for her is that she does have a temper, which is a sight to behold when she unleashes it, but it's a rare sight.

Physical Description: A tall Irish redhead, Beatrice is fair-skinned and lightly freckled, with green eyes.

Hang-outs and Haunts: Beatrice is commonly either at her home in Sligo, Ireland (Shadow Earth), or at Raven's Nest (her home in Amber) or Morgan's estate of Summerisle. More rarely, she can be found in Castle Amber.


Pets: While Beatrice's residences always seem to be home to ravens, her only official "pet" is Loyal, the stallion that once belonged to her father.

Casting: Angie EverhartWebpage:

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