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Coat of Arms: None known

Occupation: Artist


Parentage: Daughter of Deirdre

Titles: None known

Siblings: NoneApparent Age: 20sKnown Relationships: Far too many to list in such a short space in her home Shadow. In Amber? She's friendly with Bleys, but she's just arrived...

Trump Description: Diana smiles out of one side of her card, as though she'd moved just far enough into frame to be seen. Her hair is blonde and falls around and past her shoulders. She wears pink, with a bit of black, and for once, nothing about her is paint-stained. Behind her stands an empty easel; the wall behind is textured and blue, with small paintings hung here and there. The window, set high on the wall behind her head, looks out upon blue skies and the steel of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Diana's Trump image

General Personality: Diana is cheerful, but sometimes absent-minded and easily distracted by an artistic eye that never turns off. It's not unusual for her to pull out a sketchbook in the middle of a conversation and start drawing even as she talks.

Physical Description: Diana is pretty and blonde, and generally splattered in paint or some other artistic media. Her sense of style can be schitzophrenic, moving from modern American jeans-and-t-shirt to Victorian England to half a dozen other styles whenever she has to change clothes. She carries a stachel full of art supplies (sketchbook, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and who knows what else) whenever she can get away with it.

Hang-outs and Haunts: If there are artists there, Diana is likely to find it eventually. She has also taken on the project of re-decorating her brand-new rooms in Amber...

Pets: None

Casting: Maria BelloWebpage:

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