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Elaine's coat of arms

Coat of Arms: Azure, an open book Argent within a border Argent

Occupation: Explorer of Shadow


Parentage: Aber x ?


Siblings: Known Relationships: Elaine knew both her father and Isadora before she came to Amber - but it was Isadora and not Aber who brought her there.

Trump Description: A fair-skinned young woman with hair of a shade between red and gold stands in a library, one hand resting on a stack of books. She wears a simple white dress and sapphires set in silver at her throat and ears. Her hair is swept back from her face in a loose twist that falls down onto her left shoulder, and she smiles at the viewer. Elaine's Trump image

General Personality: Elaine is a seeker of knowledge and an explorer of Shadow. She's a steady presence, inquisitive and intelligent. Her driving focus is to learn about the nature of Shadow and the world.

Physical Description: Elaine is a pretty young woman with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She is slim, but of average height, and given to smiles and thoughtfulness by turn. She tends to dress simply, in dresses with clean lines or simple blouses and breeches.

Hang-outs and Haunts: Elaine is most often found in Shadow. When she is in Amber, she tends to frequent any place that involves books or art; the castle library is a favorite place.

Casting: Evan Rachel Wood

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