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Coat of Arms: Azure an oak leaf or with a cat paw sable.

Occupation: Faylinn doesn't have an occupation as such. She refers to herself as 'a student of Nature' and is known to be a mage; 'druid' is also a term that fits her, though she wouldn't describe herself as such.


Parentage: Faylinn is the daughter of Benedict and Sarafina of Cappadocia.

Titles: None known

Siblings: One foster brother, Finn.Apparent Age: 20sKnown Relationships: Faylinn is close to both her brother and father, but if she has other relationships, she's kept them well-hidden.

Trump Description: Faylinn regards the viewer from her card with blue, blue eyes. Her dark hair waves in a way her father's never has, and she seems surprised, as though she'd been quite busy with something else. It's hard to tell where she is - underwater? In some primordeal forest? - but she stands out from the darkness. Faylinn's Trump image

General Personality: Faylinn is generally friendly, but she can be very focused on the natural world, and at times very quirky and strange because of it. She's highly intelligent and always willing to share what she knows. She is neither strikingly honest nor strikingly dishonest.

Physical Description: Faylinn is a woman of average height, with bright blue eyes and long dark brown hair; the exact length varies from shoulder-length to the more common waist-length. She seems to have inherited little more than haircolor from her father, Benedict; her features are rounded and soft, and her hair is generally twisted and curled rather than straight. Her clothing choices sometimes seem unusual; depending on the weather, she may show up in dark, ornate dresses, corsets and skirts, or vibrant Arabic clothes. It's not uncommon for her to be trailing dirt, mud, leaves, twigs, and other debris from the hem of whatever skirt she may be wearing.

Hang-outs and Haunts: If it's natural, you'll probably find Faylinn there. She seems particularly fond of forests, in that she's in them slightly more often than she's in other habits.


Pets: Faylinn's only "pet" is her horse, Traveller.

Casting: Sarah BrightmanWebpage:

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