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Idra, Commander of Idra's Foxes

Coat of Arms: Description pending

Occupation: Mercenary commander


Parentage: Daughter of Caine and Jael of Valencia. Adopted daughter of David, now deceased and also of Valencia.

Titles: Commander of Idra's Foxes

Siblings: NoneApparent Age: Late 20s to 30sKnown Relationships: Idra has good relationships with all those under her command, including her horse. She even gets along with her dad. Romantic relationships are scarce for her, though; flings, yes, but not really relationships.

Trump Description: Description pending Idra's Trump image

General Personality: Idra is and always has been a tomboy; 'girly' is something that happens to other women. She's friendly, often matter-of-fact, and her humor tends towards the graveyard kind.

Physical Description: Description pending

Hang-outs and Haunts: Foxden in Amber, Foxhaven in Valencia, and points between and beyond.


Pets: Idra's warhorse, Alegria, is her only pet.

Casting: Karen ClicheWebpage:

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