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Kaylee Bellagio, Princess of Amber

Coat of Arms: None known

Occupation: Singer and guitarist


Parentage: Daughter of Random and Esperanza Bellagio of Texorami

Titles: Princess of Amber

Siblings: Jack, her TwinApparent Age: Early 20sKnown Relationships: Kaylee is one of those girls that makes friends easily and makes and discards boyfriends even easier. Her closest, longest, most enduring relationship is with her twin brother, followed closely by their mother and the rest of their band, Random Element.

Trump Description: "I flipped over the next card, and smiled. There she was; Kaylee. My Sister, my Twin. She had my eyes, she'd argue otherwise being three minutes, twenty nine seconds older, but they were mine -- mostly. Hers had a bit more gray in them, made them moody, deep; a torchsinger's eyes. That's my Kay. Her face was mine too, we could argue who was prettier, I'd be lying if I said it was me -- and I'm damned pretty. She was a beauty, a face that could lift your heart with a smile, and dash it with a sneer. I saw myself in it, but only because I knew what to look for; she was all woman. I've heard enough of the wrong noises to know it. Her hair was mine too, though it was bleached by sunlight in the image, like unkempt strands of gold. She was wearing the t-shirt I'd given her, my sketch even -- I called it garbage, she said it was impressionistic. Only the short sleeves had been sacrificed to leave her muscled, but pale and feminine, arms bare. The shirt, much to my consternation, didn't hide her form, it clung to her curves and made me think about the number of cats I'd decked for saying the wrong thing after she walked by. The jeans she painted on didn't help, nor did those high heels that did, indeed, make her ass pop -- thank Goodness she was seated; The Trump would be in danger of becoming a trading card otherwise. I laughed as I recognized the scene, it was the balcony of a villa room in the Sands Casino back home. It was one of the tallest buildings on the strip, and she'd climbed up there on a dare. It was vintage Kay; daring, beautiful, dangerous. But enough about the boring Twin..."


General Personality: Kaylee is... bubbly, brazen, deeply caring and sometimes bossy. She's a rock-and-roll kind of girl, but sometimes she and her brother share a look that says there's so much more to them than meets the eye.

Physical Description: Kaylee is five foot six inches, and 127 pounds; she's naturally slim and well-muscled. Her eyes are blue too, but they're a faded blue, looking grey in some lights, instead of the bright blue of her brother's. Her blonde hair is shoulder-length, with cheek-length bangs; she tends to wear it loose whenever she can, around a face that looks strikingly like Jack's, though of course softer and more feminine.Distinguishing Marks: She has two tattoos. One is of four fanned aces in the middle of a circle and starburst, with additional decorative flourishes extending from lower left and right to the outside, placed between her shoulder blades; it's in black ink except for red on the Ace of Diamonds and Ace of Hearts. The second is of a heart in a similar starburst and with similar flourishes to the first, only extending from the top; it's placed very, very low on her hips, centered below her belly button, and could conceivably be covered by a bikini.

Hang-outs and Haunts: If there's a place with music, Kaylee is generally there somewhere. Also, places where her brother is (as long as it doesn't involve him sleeping with girls) and failing that, in bed with some random boy.

Pets: None

Casting: Natasha BedingfieldWebpage:

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