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Saffron's coat of arms

Coat of Arms: Gules, a phoenix displayed Or

Occupation: Student


Parentage: Saffron's mother is Deirdre.

Titles: None known

Siblings: NoneApparent Age: 20sKnown Relationships: Saffron is very close to the Ranger Skye; for the last four years, whenever Skye is not on duty the two are nigh-inseparable. She has made friends among her fellow students at the local university, as well as her neighbors, but has engaged in no romantic entanglements in either place.

Trump Description: Leaning against something out-of-frame, Saffron regards the viewer with bright blue eyes. Her head is turned slightly, in three-quarters view, as though she had been looking to the left and the artist caught her in mid-turn. Her dark hair is touseled and cascades across her shoulders; the pose and the hair conspire to hide all but the tiniest hint of the red and gold tank top she wears. The sky behind her is afire with reds and yellows and oranges, and an equally bright-plumed bird crosses diagonally from right to left between the sky and Saffron. Saffron's Trump image

General Personality: Saffron is notoriously hot-tempered; her displays of temper can range from shouting all the way up to very visible displays of magic, though she has yet to do any serious damage to anyone. It's rumored that she moved into a house in the city so that she wouldn't accidentally burn down the castle. When she isn't in a fury, she is generous and cheerful, occasionally outspoken, and most of all, impulsive.

Physical Description: Blue eyed, black haired, lovely and leggy, Saffron stands around 5'8".Distinguishing Marks: Saffron has a tattoo of a hawk in flight on her lower back.

Hang-outs and Haunts: Her home, the university, the library...


Pets: Saffron has one pet, a horse named Sage.

Casting: Liv TylerWebpage:

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